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Where to Find Home Remodeling Ideas

If you look around your house and think that you're sick of what you see, it's time for an interior remodel. However, it can be hard to think of just what you'd like to see and experience instead of the current design. That's when it's time to look around for home remodeling ideas. There are quite a few good places to find them.

Surprisingly, home magazines are often the worst sources of ideas for your interior remodel. That's because they tend to show highly unusual, unrealistic designs that would cost far too much for the average budget. While they can be fun to look at, a closer examination shows that they tend to involve aspects that aren't very workable in daily life. For example, for some time, it was the "in thing" for home magazine houses to have high ledges with artificial plants on them. These can look great, for about a month. Then, the dust will collect there, and having to go 20 feet up on a ladder to clean them will not be fun. Many homes now have these, and they are likely to be torn out in the future. In fact, you may be thinking of an interior remodel precisely to get rid of one of those ledges!

Good places to get home remodeling ideas include actual model homes, down-to-earth home websites, and your friends' houses. The physical examples are the best because you can see how they look in real life without camera angles and lighting hiding reality. Then, before you decide to copy a design, think about how it will function over time. Careful thought will reveal which interior remodel plans are good and which are just gimmicky.

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